We’re Girls, And That’s Our Super Power!

Since the beginning of time, females have shouldered the biggest burdens, have been dealt the worst hands, and have lived through the toughest of times.

As a result, the “Beauty, You Are” Boot Camp was created by inspirational personality, TiffanyJ, to boost self-esteem and confidence in girls ages 6-17.

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Don’t rob your daughter(s) of this VIRTUAL experience.

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Every year gets better, and even though 2020 brought forth many uncertainties, we can’t let it stop our camp. This is year 7, and seven means completion/perfection, so that causes for reasons to CELEBRATE! This year with the “My Light Shines” theme, we will be hosting camp one evening VIRTUALLY, but KICKBACK STYLE! There will be a short pep talk from TiffanyJ, a check in with the girls, a paint party, night time facials, treat making, AND we will end the night with Netflix & Chill. More details to be sent upon registering.




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